Friday, May 2, 2008

Your Home For Commercial Shoots, Photo Shoots & In-House Training Videos


You're in the right spot to learn more about 300 N. Kenilworth in Oak Park, Illinois (zip-60302), and how it may be a suitable location for your commercial, photo or in-house training video.

Contact information for your reference:

Phone: Gloria Onischuk, 708-524-2327.

Read the newspaper story in the Oak Leaves (Aug. 27, 2008) about Gloria's storied history with various productions over the years!

Reason #1 for Choosing 300 N. Kenilworth: Large Rooms

Starting in Gloria's foyer, a brief tour of the large rooms that make 300 N. Kenilworth a top attraction for location scouts:

Reason #2 for Choosing 300 N. Kenilworth: Experience

Reason #3 for Choosing 300 N. Kenilworth: "We go with the flow"

Tour #1-Front Veranda of 300 N. Kenilworth:

Tour #2-Back Yard of 300 N. Kenilworth:

How it All Started, 300 N. Kenilworth:

A Brief History of Filming at 300 N. Kenilworth: "I haven't met my crew from hell..."

How a photo shoot paid for one of Gloria's eight children's college tuition:

About 300 N. Kenilworth Avenue

Located north of downtown Oak Park in the historic Frank Lloyd Wright District, the home was built in 1890. Exactly one century later, owner Gloria Onischuk began opening it up to various film and catalog photography crews. The experience has been wonderful, with more than 15 shoots at the location over the years.

The Interior:

~Homey and elegant: "Like a black can dress her up, or dress her down."
~One elegant living room with built-in bookcases and a dining room with a working fireplace.
~Heavy molding and original wood finishes throughout the house
~A huge foyer opening onto a gorgeous stairway with great visibility from top and bottom, great for difficult shots
~Four-plus sleeping rooms furnished with period furniture and several large antique pieces
~Large homey kitchen, pantry and butler's pantry
~Air conditioning throughout

The Exterior:

~Made of stone, clapboard and shingle
~Situated on a corner (fewer potential neighbor issues)
~Good restaurants within two blocks, or Gloria will cater meals
~A huge wrap-around porch, beautifully furnished with wicker furniture
~Wide backyard with parking and play equipment and a huge gingko tree

Praise for Gloria From A Prior Client:

"Gloria is accommodating, flexible, and has a great sense of humor. She says she's never had the 'crew from hell,' but a big part of that is she's so genuinely nice that it's an absolute to dream to work with her."

A Word from Gloria:

"My work with filmmakers since 1990 has been a special pleasure and I look forward to continuing to serve the creative community."

More About Gloria:

She and her husband, Daniel, have eight grown children and 13 grandchildren. She is a very fun, most accommodating lady, cooks meals upon request, and is a gracious hostess.


Via car from the Eisenhower Expressway, exit at Harlem, go north to Chicago Avenue, then turn right onto Chicago. Go east on Chicago Ave. to Kenilworth (about one-half mile) then turn right (south) onto Kenilworth. Under the Ginkgo Tree is one block south of Chicago Ave. at the corner of Kenilworth and Erie.

Link to Google Mapping of location:

Contact information (one more time)

Phone: Gloria Onischuk, 708-524-2327.
E-mail contact:

Thank you for taking the time to visit 300 North Kenilworth, Oak Park IL 60302. If you think someone else would benefit from this information, please forward the link to this page.